August 2015 Update

Nick Costa Big Fat Snare Drum

Hello Everyone!

Here’s a quick summer update. As mentioned in the last update, I helped the University of the Arts Summer Music Program, where I assisted with any tech support needed at Ursinus College for the first week, then was a Teaching Assistant for the next three weeks at Villanova. It was a blast meeting with other Music Teachers from the area (and some as far as Nevada!) and hearing about their stories.

Speaking of Technology, I also became certified in K-12 Technology for the state of Pennsylvania! Now I’m dual certified in both K-12 Music, and K-12 Technology, allowing me to teach either Music, Technology, or a combination of both in PA public schools.

As for performing – I continued to play with Nicole Tranquillo and Company in Atlantic City, as well as with George Weldon and some of his Jazz ensembles.  I also had a few recording sessions with Chad Jenkins, and more.

Finally – I’m excited to announce that I’m apart of the Big Fat Snare Drum family!  Back at UArts, we use to turn old/used snare heads upside down to create a fat 70s snare, but after seeing the BFSD I had to give them a try. I was lucky enough to get the Steve’s Donut, and Snarebourine Donut both in 14″ and man are they fun!  Although they are marketed to be used on snare drums, I had fun messing around placing them on toms, and even the Snarebourine donut on the Hi-Hats (Great for some effect hats!). It’s a great way to get that fat 70s snare sound without the need to retuning your snare between songs, or carrying two snares with you!  Check out the Links page for a link to their site and pick one up for yourself!


Well that’s all for now, keep checking the Dates page for performances and dates with Villanova drumline!