Ludwig 8X14 Split Coliseum Snare Drum Demo

The Ludwig 8X14 Split Coliseum Snare.
What the heck is this thing, and why does it have a big split in the middle of it?

Made in 2016, this is a remake of the original “big vented” split coliseum from the 80s. Limited to 50 snares in its 4 available finishes, this is the drum for someone who is looking for a loud, dry snare with a POP!

7 Ply Maple shell split in the middle
12 ludwig bowtie lugs
Triple-flange hoops
Ludwig P85 throwoff
Ludwig weathermaster heavy top head
Ludwig weathermaster snare bottom head

This video demo shows the split coliseum snare in various tunings – starting from a low tuning, and working up to a higher/tight tuning.

Audio was recorded with a Blue Yeti Pro microphone 3 feet away from the drum.


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