Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Set Demo

Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Set Demo
This is the drum set from my unboxing video!

Ludwig Class Maple drums are 7-ply maple, with an inside 45 degree bearing edge, and 1/16″ slight round-over on the outside.

Specs (DepthXDiameter):
8X12 Rack Tom w/ Vibraband mount
14X16 Floor Tom w/ keystone brackets
18X22 Kick Drum
Remo/Ludwig Clear Emperor for tom batter
Remo/Ludwig Clear Ambassador for tom reso
Remo/Ludwig PS3 Clear on kick batter
Remo/Ludwig PS3 Smooth White on kick reso

Kit is paired with an 8X14 Black Beauty Snare
Zildjian Cymbals:
15″ K Light Hi-Hats
20″ A Custom Crash
24″ K Light Ride
20″ Oriental Crash of DOOM
18″ K EFX

Audio was recorded with a Blue Yeti Pro microphone 3 feet away from the kit.

Ludwig Drums –
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