Drum Lessons

Drum lessons

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The Drum Essentials Series covers everything the “traditional music classroom” wants a drummer to know. From technique and drum set fundamentals, to videos covering all 40 rudiments from the Percussive Arts Society.

Each lesson breaks down the topic at hand to help you learn it, put it into context, and even challenge yourself. Finally, you see basic drum set examples to get you started on improving your improvisational and musicianship skills. A lesson PDF and video is provided with each lesson, allowing any learner to succeed.

Best part? It’s all FREE!

If you walk into any school, the primary or only drum set opportunity is the jazz band. This series covers the fundamentals of playing jazz, and corrects the misconceptions that plague drum set education.  

Created with the assistance of Marc Dicciani, you will break down jazz on the drum set in a way that allows you to showcase your strengths on the drums. You will learn how to lock in with your best friend, the bass player, and cover various common comping ideas.

When you’re done, you’ll realize jazz isn’t as hard as expected – it’s just different.