1992 by St. Brendan Drum Play Through

In this video I play though the track 1992 by Philly band St. Brendan. Originally recorded at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia December 2019.

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Gear used in this video:

Ludwig Classic Maple Shell Pack in Electrostatic Orange:

18X22 Kick

8X12 Rack

14X16 Floor Tom

8X14 Black Beauty

All heads by Remo:

Toms – White Suede Emperor on Batter, Clear Ambassador Reso

Snare – Coated Ambassador X on Batter, Ambassador Snare Side

Kick – PS3 Clear on Batter, PS3 Smooth White on Reso

Cymbals from Zildjian (from L-R of Drummer’s Perspective)

14″ A Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats

18″ A Custom Crash

21″ A Sweet Ride

20″ A Custom Crash

18″ K EFX

Sticks – Vic Firth F1