All Playing Examples From The How To Tune and Muffle Your Bass / Kick Drum Series

After watching the how to tune and muffle your bass / kick drum series, you might be curious as to how the drum sounds with a ported vs non-ported front head. Rather than switching back and forth between the two videos, I decided to create this vid showcasing all playing examples from both vids!

Interested in learning how to tune your batter and reso heads?

Tune and Muffle Your Bass/Kick Drum Part 1 (Batter) 

Tune and Muffle Your Bass/Kick Drum Part 2 (Reso) 

The Bass/Kick in this video is from my Ludwig Classic Maple kit in Electrostatic Orange.

• 7 Ply Maple with a 45 degree interior, and slight round over exterior bearing edge

• 18(deep) X 22″ virgin (no tom mounts)

Bass/Kick heads:

• Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear (Batter)

Ludwig Smooth White Logo Head Remo Powerstroke 3 Smooth White w/ no mic port (Reso)

Drum Gear in this video: • Ludwig Classic Maple in Electro Static Orange

Ludwig 8X14 Black Beauty Snare Drum 

• Remo Drum Heads

• Zildjian Cymbals

Vic Firth F1 Sticks 

Remo Quick Key 

Remo 22″ Sub Muff’l System 

Remo Weckl Drum Muffling System 22″ 

Mics used in this video:

AKG D112 on Kick 

Pair of Blue Hummingbird condensers as Overheads

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