Ludwig Universal Black Brass Snare Demo and Review

In this Ludwig Universal Black Brass snare demo and review, hear how Ludwig created the first affordable option that sounds like a black beauty. If you’re a fellow educator or someone looking for a versatile workhorse, this is the drum! Versatile with the looks to back it up while not breaking the bank, the Ludwig Universal Black to Black 6.5X14 snare is a no brainer!

Ludwig’s website states “Emphasizing optimal response, sensitivity, and dark warm tones, the Universal Metal Brass drum delivers a rich, dynamic range suitable for a multitude of tuning ranges and head combinations. The Universal Metal Brass drum is modeled after our famous Black Beauty and fitted with heavy-duty tube lugs, P88i throw-off, P35 butt plate, and 20 strand snare wires. Universal Metal drums by Ludwig are Quality and versatility to fit any budget!”

Looking to buy a Ludwig Universal Black Brass? Get it here!

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