Fall 2018 Update

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re transitioning into the fall! Since the last update, the Villanova Band began their year with camp in August and have hit the ground running ever since. From football games, to the parents weekend showcase and Hoops Mania in the new Finneran Pavilion – they have been BUSY!

I’ve also continued teaching my two drum set for non-majors courses at UArts, where students get credit to learn how to play the drums with me – who doesn’t want to get college credit for playing the drums?!

For the School District of Philadelphia – we are wrapping up the 1st quarter of the school year. All programs are going strong, and I’ve even began teaching music production at Franklin Learning Center while continuing to teach drum lessons. Students will have the opportunity to learn about both live sound reinforcement, and recording/producing music!

As for performing, you’ll see me from time to time at ValleyPoint Church, while still playing with St. Brendan around Philly.  St. Brendan will be playing Bourbon and Branch this Friday, Oct 26th with some of my friends in Here/Now.

Finally – St. Brendan just released a new single titled “Liar“.  Check out the MUSIC page to listen, and feel free to download it from their bandcamp.


Until next time,


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Nick Costa