Spring 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

What an interesting time we are in. With the majority of the country practicing social distancing, we’re all learning to adapt to the new norm. Soon we will get through it, and hopefully be back to normal.

I’ve had a few people reach out to me – whether they’re current or former students, or some I’ve never had the opportunity to meet in person. With the extra time at home, some were asking for recommendations on how to improve their playing, while others are looking to get back into drumming. Combining that with thinking of ways to provide lessons for my students, I’ve come up with a new section of the website – best part? It’s FREE.

If you visited the Drum Lessons portion of the site, you probably saw the new Drum Essentials. This section was created for both my students and fellow educators. It’s an area that provides lessons on technique and drum set fundamentals, as well as lessons on the 40 essential rudiments from the Percussive Arts Society. It’s a 1 stop shop that includes video lessons as well as PDF’s covering all the exercises, examples, and challenges for each lesson. Along with the lessons are a checklist that helps you keep track of your journey, as well as a practice grid from fellow educator Marc Dicciani. His practice grid helps you make the most out of your practice time, in order for it to be the most effective. I highly recommend you also check out his article Feedback-Balanced Creative Practice from the January 2020 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine.

So head over to the Drum Essentials section, learn a thing or two, and have fun!

Until next time,


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Nick Costa