Zildjian Concept Shop Classic Orchestral Ride, Fat Hats, and Mega Doom Ride Demo and Reviews

Hello Everyone!

Have you heard about Zildjian’s Concept Shop? It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory where they experiment with new sounds to see what they can come up with. Recently, Zildjian released 3 new options – the 24″ Classic Orchestral Ride, the Fat Hats in both 14″ and 15″, and the 22″ Mega Doom Ride! I got my hands on all 3, and have create videos so you can see and hear them for yourself!

I remember playing Zildjian’s Orchestral Crashes on the kit in High School because they were the best sounding cymbals the school owned. Apparently Zildjian artists were doing the same thing on tour so now Zildjian introduced the 24″ Classic Orchestral Ride from their Conept Shop. Based off the 22″ Classic Orchestral Special Selection Band Cymbal, the 24″ Classic Orchestral Ride is a bigger version for the drum set. Check out the demo and review here.

The Fat Hats combine traditional lathing found in A series cymbals with heavy hammering of K series cymbals in a very similar way of the old 13″ Pocket Hats. The Fat Hats are offered in both 14″ and 15″ configurations, and the lathing/hammering combo gives them a blended sound perfect for all styles and for both the stage or session. Check out the demo and review here.

What a rad name – MEGA DOOM! This ride, Zildjian took one of their heaviest cymbals and mashed it with one of their trashiest. Zildjian combined a mega bell with a crash of doom to create a monster 22″ ride that is trashy, dry, dark, and complex with endless projection. Check out the demo and review here.

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Nick Costa